Non-Digital Life Continues

Life continues without my digital IV drip; I knew it would, you knew it would, the question was only what form it would take.

Today marks my last day of subbing at my wife’s school. Friday night should have been marked by heavy drinking, yet it was not. I kept working my way through the extras on the Starcrash DVD, and dozing off in my easy chair. Caroline Munro has a very soothing voice.

Saturday, was, well, a typical Saturday for me. Which means getting all the rest I could and doing a show Saturday night. One difference was dropping by the library to pick up the next six volumes of Koike & Gojima’s Path of the Assassin, which they were holding for me. I had finished the first of these volumes by the show’s end.

Even after tearing down the sound system and packing away the curtains, adrenalin still pumps after a show, and I’m rarely in bed before 2am on show nights, frequently later. Having finally exhausted Starcrash, I was going to return to Galaxy of Terror to see if my memories of it seeming largely improvised still rang true. But then I discovered that I could watch that first episode of Hawaii Five-O I had missed and everyone was being so positive about… on my phone. I do a lot on the Droid, almost to the exclusion of using it as an actual telephone. But I had never done that. YouTube videos and such, yes, but never an actual extended entertainment video.

So I had to do it at least once, right?

I’ll likely do it again, too, though watching a movie – something that meant to be projected big – does not appeal to me. I was also hooked into my house’s wi-fi and had the phone plugged in, so I don’t know how that would have impacted my battery (significantly, I’m thinking), so I’m not looking at doing it in the wild much, either.

Oh, what about the show, you might ask? I enjoyed it well enough to check out another episode. A couple of terrific stunts, to be sure. Rather slight on the story side. But enjoyable.

As mentioned, this is hopefully my last day of subbing at my wife’s school. I am going to get religion long enough to praise whatever gods are responsible for an end to this suffering. And for my pay earned, which puts me a little closer to a new computer.


  1. Without your daily movie poster posts it’s like “There’s nothing on the internet!”

  2. I’m workin’ on it.

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