Of Hot Sauce & Horrorshows

Saturday was predictably full, often my busiest day of the week anyway. Spent the morning covering the Houston Hot Sauce Festival, which is a fun thing, if you’re into hot sauce. I likes me some fire, but some of the vendors out there are just plain freakin’ sadists. I did a more or less straight story on it last year (well, a large part of it was setting my camera outside a likely booth and shooting people’s reactions to one of the more pernicious concoctions). This year, I wanted to find a new angle, and talked one of the younger turks at the station who was interested in the Fest anyway to play Man vs Food while I followed. He was apprehensive at first, but started having fun with it. I’m going to have trouble trimming this down to under five minutes, that’s how much good stuff I got.

Not bad, considering we had to duck rain every so often. The storm clouds are a constant presence on the footage, but that didn’t stop people from attending. Which is good, as the Festival’s beneficiary, The Snowdrop Foundation, is a worthy charity. No, the weather really let loose on the second day, Sunday, when I went back to get some secondary footage I had missed on Saturday.

My only major disappointment was that the Chili Piper’s red pepper bagpipe was apparently just for show.

Then came Saturday’s show. We’re down one actress, which means some reassigning of lines, no big deal. Then the sound guy begs off a half hour before call. Then we arrive to find our room still set up for whatever business motivation class that afternoon. All for our biggest audience in weeks. Oh, the magic of live theater.

Then I get up early Sunday to perform at our church’s 8:30 service. Then the cold I’ve been putting off for days hits me upside the head while I go Fine, get it over with, I’ve have hell of editing to do in the next two days. I take to bed. The nightmares were incredible.

So here I am, boring you while my footage digitizes. That was my weekend, How are things in your town?