It’s a conundrum

After an evening of no recourse to City of Whatever, my hands are only shaking slightly.

Finally took in the second episode of Slings & Arrows, in which I suspect the dynamics for the rest of the season have been properly set up. I wasn’t as sidetracked by near-toxic nostalgia and longing as I was during the first episode, but I sense I still need to take my time in consuming this show. The writing is sharp and knowledgeable, the acting spot-on, and boy howdy, do I miss the theater right now.

I am also hoping that more characters die so the undertakers become regular characters. I really, really enjoyed them.

Finished up The Batman Chronicles, Volume 3, beating the deadline by one day. That was quite a binge on Golden Age comics, but was a fun read, especially since A) we got to see Batman use a gun again; and B) the surprising revelation that in 1941, the Batmobile was a bright red.

Since I’m dropping by the library, I also finished up Osamu Tezuka’s Apollo’s Song, as I am discovering that my library system has a fair amount of Tezuka floating around. This is a thick book – Tezuka rarely took the short path in his storytelling – about a young sociopath who is cursed by Athena to discover love over and over again, but to always have it snatched away. Or maybe he’s just insane and hallucinating it all. It’s an unusual story, and pretty harrowing in places, but never less than gripping.

The big news is I have a lunch meeting with a producer I’ve worked for in the past, which hopefully means more work for me. Kindly lay out whatever oracles, mojos and jujus you may have for me, for things are, as they say, getting kinda short over here. That’s why I finished the books a day ahead of schedule – I’m hoping I won’t have time to drop by the library tomorrow.

That’s my big news. I should have saved it for tomorrow, but then what would I have used to go out on a high note today?