Tuesday, Bloody Tuesday

I work in a server farm. The temperature in here is usually kept at around 65 degrees Fahrenheit, year round, and sometimes in the middle of Summer I find myself putting on a sweater. Once I was moved into an office adjacent to the farm, instead of actually in it, I thought that would stop, but no, my workstation is now under an air conditioning vent.

I’m not complaining. As one acquaintance put it, I like it “Elvis cold”. One would then, perforce, ask what the hell I’m doing living in Houston, with its hideous swamp summers that are only getting worse. Offhand, the answer involves equal amounts of stupidity and poverty, but another big factor is the woman I love living and working here.

All of which is beside the point I was intending to make. According to my phone, it is 57 degrees outside, with impossibly light humidity, at nearly 11 o’clock in the morning. We get, at a liberal estimate, ten days like this a year, and I find myself treacherously yearning to experience it. Instead of sitting at my windowless workstation, thinking of putting on my sweater.

Not helping is the fact it’s my week to do a college-centric story, and nothing of note is going on here; I’m pulling my ace in the hole, based largely on a presentation in the Spring, and I’m finding out just how hard the acoustics in the place bagged me. I’ll get four usable minutes out of it, but it’s gonna be hard.

Best of all, I do not sub today. If the fates are kind, I will never be subbing again. I got enough frustration and repressed anger in the four days I did to last me for some time. There certain occupations I am simply not cut out for, and teaching at any level below college is one of them. Scratch that, don’t even consider me for college.

Anyway. My goal to stay positive took a real beating in the last week. Hell, the ghost of Bruce Lee came over and trounced it soundly. Time to get back on the horse, but I have a ton of negativity to purge first. Meditation would be good, but there’s no time; I have a private show tonight.

Maybe some shopping. I’m pulling the hard drive from the fried computer (well, not tonight – likely tomorrow) and putting it in an enclosure so I can hopefully get the files I need off it – I still have some website responsibilities that are weighing heavily on me. So perhaps strolling around the man-mall will help me recharge a bit.