It’s our old nemesis, the douchebag

So Rev Jones, master of a less-than-50 member church that is looking increasingly cult-like, will apparently not be burning Korans tomorrow as endlessly promised, though in a clarification shortly after that announcement, stated that the event has merely been “postponed”, not “canceled”, thereby maintaining his douchebag status.

There have actually been a couple good things to come out of this Olympic-grade stupidity: A) People all across the political spectrum were, for once, saying the same thing, and it was a right thing, ie., “You’re s stupid Nazi scumbag for doing this”, and B) watching the Westboro Baptist Church sulk that they were burning Korans years ago, where does this guy get off stealing their act.

I was going to post this today in any case, a brief surcease in the level of douchbaggery does not diminish its message one whit, and it still needs to be said:

Now, more than ever, we need the goddamn Batman.

I’ve got two crapfests coming up this weekend. I’ll be live-tweeting them, as usual, and we’ll talk about them next week. Judging from my page stats, you kids seem to like hearing about them.