Codes and Catches

So my aging computer is having a few difficulties. I do what any right-thinking computer user does in such circumstances: I reboot the computer and hope this clears out the goblins that are causing my troubles.

The major problem with that strategy this time is this apparently opens the gates to the Uruk-Hai of computer problems, as the boot screens only go so far before I am confronted with a string of error codes I have not seen in my – what? – 25 years or so of playing shadetree mechanic to these things?

I make a preliminary search on the codes using my smartphone and what I come up with is I am dealing with a BIOS problem, possibly the battery running that sector of my outboard brain finally died. After an extended shutdown recently, I did notice that the internal clock was running several hours slow, but there was little I could do past correcting it and getting on with my work.

The current computer is about five years old, and I had plans to replace it soon, waiting mainly for a big work project, the funding for which has gotten held up by bureaucracy (much to the ire of the client). Of course, the question of exactly how I’m going to do this work without one of my major tools is a bit troublesome. I need the pay to buy the new computer, but I need the new computer to get the pay. As ever, that Catch-22 remains the best Catch we’ve got.

So for a while, I guess I’ve got the extra leisure time I had wanted. Time to read, time to watch a movie or two. Or Three.