More Listing, More Horrors, More Busy

Yay for horrible hump days:

1) That sinus infection I thought was gone? Nope.

2) Therefore, very little sleep last night.

3) I will be subbing at my wife’s school this afternoon. Though only for a couple of hours. I guess they figure I can’t murder the entire class in that short a time.

4) They underestimate me.

5) Have to finish the Hot Sauce festival story today, then spend the rest of the week trying to find something of interest in a small community college campus. I’m required to do such a story every three weeks.

6) Staff meeting. Not painful, but I’m nervous about getting the story done in the timeĀ allotted, and then choking down some lunch & running to the school.

7) Do not pack the claymores Do not pack the claymores Do not pack the claymores