Old friends in unusual places

The shoot yesterday went as well as could be expected, with the weather attempting to kill me both on the way there and especially when trying to get back to home base. Not being proud, I pulled into a parking lot and waited for the worst of the watery onslaught to pass.

The Robots exhibit takes its name and most of its displays from the animated movie of the same name. It’s geared toward kids, and that’s cool. Some nice models of the characters, fromt he reference maquettes to life-size mockups. Some interactive displays, lots of noisy video monitors (can’t wait to check the audio on my interview) but what really struck me, when I walked into the hall, was this:

It’s hard to miss Gort. He’s about seven feet tall. You see him all the time in one of your favorite movies, but you don’t truly recognize how massive he is until you run into him in the wild.

These were unarticulated statues, no movement, lights or anything. But boy howdy, was that a pleasant surprise.