More Listing, More Horrors, More Busy

Yay for horrible hump days:

1) That sinus infection I thought was gone? Nope.

2) Therefore, very little sleep last night.

3) I will be subbing at my wife’s school this afternoon. Though only for a couple of hours. I guess they figure I can’t murder the entire class in that short a time.

4) They underestimate me.

5) Have to finish the Hot Sauce festival story today, then spend the rest of the week trying to find something of interest in a small community college campus. I’m required to do such a story every three weeks.

6) Staff meeting. Not painful, but I’m nervous about getting the story done in the time allotted, and then choking down some lunch & running to the school.

7) Do not pack the claymores Do not pack the claymores Do not pack the claymores

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  1. [trailer voice] You’ve seen Berenger. You’ve seen Williams. Now the man behind “Forever Evil” is back and better than ever in “The Substitute 5”. Students, you picked the wrong teacher to mess with today.[/trailer]

    If you need to, Dr. Freex, you can take a page from the Book of Berenger and, instead of telling your students stories about ‘Nam, tell them about “Forever Evil.” And if possible, try to fit in a “Your stupid minds…” reference during class.

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