It’s our old nemesis, the douchebag

So Rev Jones, master of a less-than-50 member church that is looking increasingly cult-like, will apparently not be burning Korans tomorrow as endlessly promised, though in a clarification shortly after that announcement, stated that the event has merely been “postponed”, not “canceled”, thereby maintaining his douchebag status.

There have actually been a couple good things to come out of this Olympic-grade stupidity: A) People all across the political spectrum were, for once, saying the same thing, and it was a right thing, ie., “You’re s stupid Nazi scumbag for doing this”, and B) watching the Westboro Baptist Church sulk that they were burning Korans years ago, where does this guy get off stealing their act.

I was going to post this today in any case, a brief surcease in the level of douchbaggery does not diminish its message one whit, and it still needs to be said:

Now, more than ever, we need the goddamn Batman.

I’ve got two crapfests coming up this weekend. I’ll be live-tweeting them, as usual, and we’ll talk about them next week. Judging from my page stats, you kids seem to like hearing about them.

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  1. In a running testament as to why we shouldn’t read the Comments section of online news articles, there were a lot of people who were in favor of what Rev Jones was going to do, criticizing Pres. Obama for getting in the way of the man’s first amendment rights, which is akin to saying that it’s wrong to discourage people from yelling “FIRE!” in a crowded theater when there’s actually no fire. Far be it from the President to encourage the citizens of this country to exercise their rights responsibly.

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