Filler Friday

Wow, yesterday was a day. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the type of full day that leads to interesting writing or fascinating ruminations. It was just a day full of tedious chores. Yawn.

I mean, I could complain about minor-ass stuff that happened. Getting to work only to get a text from the wife that her sugars are wacky again and she’s run out of test strips, requiring me to leave work, drop by the house, then drop off the strips at her school, which is at the edge of a construction zone, then rushing back to the station to floor manage the news stand-ups.

But what would be the point? This is neither world-ending, deal-breaking, or even particularly annoying. It is just something that happened. I complain bitterly over the notion that it has been my turn to be the worrisome one for quite some time, but she refuses to listen to me.


Nice weather has made another appearance locally, cool temperatures, low humidity. I am hoping it sticks around at least another day, as tomorrow morning I’m covering a local charity 5K run, and I could use something a bit comfortable. I would enjoy having to roll my sleeves down for a change. Then, home to rest for the Saturday night show.

Incredibly, this will be the first Sunday in a while where no demands are placed upon me (yet). I am torn between becoming a complete vegetable at home or becoming a complete vegetable at Dave’s house. Either way, vegetation is in my future, and I welcome it.

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