Bourgeois Passtimes

Well, Promised Monies have still not arrived, so it looks like another weekend without a computer of my own. Well, Pooey on yooey, feckless fate, I have plenty on my plate to tide me over.

For one, even though my last couple of attempts at it have left me cold, I have checked out two books without pitchers to read. Man does not live by Power Man & Iron Fist alone, it turns out.

Both of these received great reviews at Boing-Boing, which is one of my traditional morning stops. The first is Scott Westerfield’s Leviathan, which is classed as a “Young Adults” book but is an imposing tome nonetheless, at 440 pages – until you notice those pages are 1.5 spaced, not single-spaced like an adult book.

I am told this is an alternate history-type book in a steampunk pre-World War I world where the Brits are “Darwinists” whose weapons of war are “fabricated animals” while the Prussian forces are “Clankers” with steam-powered mechs. There is literally nothing there that doesn’t sound great to me.

The second is Richard Kadrey’s Sandman Slim, which sounds like a post-punk black magic film noir directed by Sam Peckinpah, and which was, needless to say, in the adult section.

I guess in the interest of honesty I should mention that the reviews I read were both for these books’ sequels, but hey. I like things to be in sequence.

Which means I’m sad about the library presenting me with Volume 15, the last volume of Path of the Assassin, skipping over 13 and 14. I suppose I’ll just wait patiently, hoping the missing books will magically appear, a strategy which has worked stunningly for that computer money, after all.

I made a snarky comment about the new Twitter in my feed this morning (because I was finally offered it), but with a recommendation from Chris Magyar @icrywolf and another Tweet who mournfully proclaimed it “just like the new Google Image Search” – I hit the preview button and immediately liked it. For the record, I also preferthe “new” Google Image Search.

However, the IMDb redesign sucks worse than a black hole in the center of the Festival of Suck.

Also on my weekend agenda is the usual show which will take up my Saturday from 5 till midnight. Saturday morning, however, I will be covering the Houston Comic Con, so I would appreciate it if all attending cosplayers would put on their ill-fitting and/or slutty outfits and be there between 10 and Noon. And if the Westboro Baptist Church is planning to protest this one, the same time frame goes for them, too.

Of course, ladies like these will be at the NEW YORK Comic Con. Dammit.