Put off my appointment with disease too long

I knew something more than allergies were up when my beloved Wal-Phed did not staunch the flow of water from my sinuses last night.

I am hoping this is nothing more than a cold coming on. That was a pretty rough weekend for a poor, out-of-shape old man (and rapidly getting older). I accompanied the wife to target last night, just to get out of the house, and I ached abominably as I walked across its sterile expanse.

As I finished up my story on the Houston Comic Con, the sniffling turned into full-fledged sneezing and coughing.  Good timining, I guess, but I think the damned thing could have used a little more tweaking, but I decided it was best to get my ass out of there and away from innocent people. And into bed. Definitely into bed.

So. Here I am. Wastebasket of wadded-up Kleenex by my side (and it is Kleenex, dammit. Brand lawyers, stuff your letters), a brain made almost entirely out of mucus. And guess what? My new computer came today! At least I have something to do instead of poring over quaint old Batman comics.

As I pistol whip Windows 7 onto admitting who’s boss, I’m imagining the bloatware I’m deleting is actually the germs in my head. That’s satisfying.

*SNORT sniff moan*