Oddly, the subject of women keeps coming up

You know, I was actually pretty sure that you could get through your day without hearing me whinge about something. I guess this proves that I can’t get through a day without whinging about something. In print, no less.

I finished the story on the Women’s Shelter today; not as troublesome as I had feared, once I decided no, dammit, I want to see the passion and conviction on the shelter director and the executive director’s faces when they talk about their missions in life. I did the minimum of cut-aways, a few phone numbers and websites, and called it a day.

Guess I’ll find out tomorrow if that was a good call or not.

My week, otherwise, seems to be dogged by Superman. The week started with the news that Zack Snyder – you know, 300, Watchmen – would be directing the next Superman movie, which seems to me sort of logical. Given the venom that was sprayed over the Twittersphere – and yes, I first heard the news in Twitter, sue me, I’m a busy man – from the outraged reaction, you’d think that the announced director was M. Night Shymalan (another subject I’ll have to return to someday).

I actively hated 300 and was ambivalent to Watchmen – I’d have felt much more charitable if they’d had the balls to do the squid. I find it hard to believe that a CGI painting of a squid is more expensive than a CGI hole in the ground, but aaaaaaaah I’m not gonna fight that fight right now. The best comment I’ve seen so far is Kurt Busiek’s, who pointed out that it would at least look right and there would be some good action in it. My own best comment is that I want to actually see a movie before I condemn it. I know, I know, color me nutty.

I finally watched Superman/Batman: Apocalypse last night, and it did not suddenly convert me to the Supergirl camp. The pacing seemed rather uneven to me, but then, the last few DCU movies were damn near non-stop punch-fests, and not only were we doing a *choke* origin story with incumbent exposition, we had to have what passed for character development.


No Barda In A Towel images. This is as close as I could get (Plas, too).


To help Kara – Supergirl – become acclimated to life on Earth, Clark takes her shopping. She takes to it swimmingly, with ostensibly hilarious results. Okay, alien girl who still remembers life on super-scientific Krypton suddenly turns into a 90210 character when confronted by boutiques. Haw haw! Wimmen! They got the shopping gene!

I’m a man and I was insulted.
Then again, I felt much better when Big Barda showed up only wearing a towel. So I’m also a pig, but I was a happy pig.