A Halloween Meerakul

I was in an unaccountably foul mood Saturday night before the show. Call it a cumulative effect, because it wasn’t due to any one disastrous event or another. A series of small disappointments (I suppose mainly due to reality’s dogged refusal to live up to my expectations) led to an unrepentantly ugly cloud hanging over me. No sound guy, so I was running both decks by myself. Done it before, not a big deal… until I find out we’re stuffed into one of the smaller rooms again, denying me the larger piece of real estate that makes such a setup easier.

There was an audience costume contest that night. I wasn’t expecting much to come of it. So I labored at getting the more complicated setup work, tried to prep myself as best I could, and sat stewing in my place as the doors were opened to a crowd of folk who had gotten there way too early. Stormcloud over my head.

Then Princess Leia walked into the room.

This was the New Hope Leia, in the form-fitting floor-length white number, and a damned good job of it, too, right down to the pastry-bun hair on the sides. And then a very credible Wonder Woman came in.

And I took it all back. Life was good, all of a sudden.

It really doesn’t take that much to make me happy, it seems. It was a fairly good show, I only bungled a couple of cues (which is, to me, unacceptable, but what the hell), everybody had a good time.

And the winner of the contest (as voted upon by the non-costume-wearing patrons) was Princess Leia. Hope that made up for Alderaan, Princess.

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