The Strange Business of Not Being Able To Do Work

I voted yesterday, thus renewing my license to complain for another year. I love voting early. No lines, no waiting, and since I choose fairly out-of-the-way venues, no organized harassment of voters. Yet.

Or, as I put it then:

Though honestly, now that I have the new computer, I have much better things to do than watch TV, even if I was digging the new Hawaii Five-O.  The better things to do should include catching up on my writing, but I’m still cursing incompatible software and searching for replacements. I’ll be trying a new open-source graphics editor tonight, and hopefully it will allow me to carry on in peace.

Mainly: trying to find an open-source (ie., hopefully free) HTML editor so I can go back to writing reviews. I’m familiar enough with simple HTML that I could likely muddle through using a text editor and a template, but I like looking at a WYSIWYG image and pretending it’s a sheet of digital paper that I have magically conjured, complete with images. More plainly, dealing with my text in-between tags makes my head hurt.

I seem to recall taking a week to get back up to speed the last couple of times I did a forced upgrade. I mean, Good God, I got a copy of Plants vs. Zombies for my birthday, and I haven’t even played a full stage of it yet. Likely because I realize if I really let it get a hold, I’ll be playing it for hours. See also Angry Birds, which has killed my Droid battery a couple of times.

Strange days, indeed.

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