Sick Day

I’ve managed to catch whatever stomach bug was messing up my wife’s life this last weekend – marriages are about sharing after all – and faced with the horror of two days outside shooting video while sick, I’ve elected to stay home today to… uh… get it out of my system. As it were.

Any hours this last weekend not spent fighting down nausea or doing the show while fighting down nausea were spent either playing with my new Tumblr toy or reading. While fighting down nausea.

It was my intent to sleep in this morning, but of course the sounds of Cat Rugby in hall at 6:30am scotched that. Got up, fed the horrid little creatures, and eventually went back to bed. After an hour, as usual, I had a dream that the doorbell rang. My subconscious is a jerk.

Well, on the weekend I did finally got around to Wonder Woman #600 and waaaah and boo hoo for the departure of writer Gail Simone.  She left on a note that was both suitably bombastic and sentimental. Odd that the fan resentment that met the pin-up pages in Batman 700 is seemingly non-existent for the art pages here. Probably because these are loads better, and they’re the last we’re going to see of the one-piece bathing suit costume for a while.

Yeah, the reboot starts in this issue, too. It’s not hateable. I’m willing to see what’s going to happen, but it definitely has temporary written all over it.

Enough. I’m hungry. I hope that’s a good sign. Rest of you have a good Monday.

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