Is it just me?

Listening to NPR on the way to work, heard a story about the tip structure at restaurants – turns out some guy had noticed that the “suggested gratuity” on the ticket printed was a percentage of the post-tax total, not the pre-tax total, as he had done in his head. Who was to blame? INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM AHOY!

Sitting in the driver’s seat, I thought, “Uh, that would be a function of the processing software, no?”

After grilling Mastercard and the owner of the restaurant (who was shocked, shocked that this was happening), our intrepid truth-seeker found out… it was the processing software.

I swear to God, sometimes I think I’m the only guy tangentially involved in the industry who has ever made a spreadsheet.

Conversely, you gotta fill that air time somehow.

But enough of that. Here is a girl being eaten alive by pug-dogs. Enjoy.