This is how movies happen, people

From the LA Times: Thousands of Spiders Pour From Ship’s Cargo.

This is, of course, a recipe for a very profitable exploitation film. (or at least, it would be, if the box office failure of Snakes on A Plane hadn’t poisoned that particular well) It follows the lines of a classic Hollywood pitch: “It’s Kingdom of the Spiders … on a boat!”

Correspondent Professor Mortis suggests using Bill Cosby rather than the over-exposed Samuel L. Jackson: Cosby’s version of swearing would, at the very least, ensure the all-important PG-13 rating. I would also suggest Steven Seagal as a Buddhist scientist who hampers our hero by insisting that we try to communicate with the spiders. And we must have William Shatner for nostalgia value.

(Despite the title of that clip, I think blaming Shatner for the ridiculousness of the moments is, to quote Bobcat Goldthwaite, like blaming Ronald MacDonald for a bad cheeseburger)

But enough of this. Let’s have a pug dog saying, “Batman!” (He can be in the movie, too!)