Pause Button.

Wow, now that I’m done with this week’s work deadline, I find that it is not yet time to relax.

I have two shows in the next 36 hours. Have to take some folks to the airport. Shop for groceries. Return important correspondence which may (I hope I hope) mean more employment in the coming year. Try to finish repairing my old notebook so my son can use it while my wife takes her netbook to an education conference in Florida (yes, she’s one of the folks I’m shuttling). Also need to go to the grocery store. That at least has to be put off until I get the pay from the shows, so I guess that’s not an “A” priority.

I don’t blog over the weekend, and I probably won’t be doing much of anything else, social media-wise. In fact, I am considering actively withdrawing from every-bloody-thing this weekend except perhaps a book and some cartoons, because frankly folks – the air of stupidity and meanness that has typified what passes for conversation and coverage in this age went from merely toxic to positively carcinogenic this week. Comic strip artist Tom Tomorrow has Tweeted that he doesn’t want a Kill Switch, but a pause button would be in order, and I am actively going to use it before I get seriously ill again.

That said, have a nice weekend.