You’re kidding, right? It IS the heat.

I made the mistake of going out this morning to get the boxes I needed for my re-org project, the theory being if I hit the stores as they opened, before it got hot, I would be ahead of the game. The flaw in that theory is in the “before it got hot” clause.

Had an acquaintance almost two decades ago, who theorized in another twenty years it would be impossible to sustain life in Houston during the summer. She may have had something there. When I went out at 9am, the heat index was already 96, and it’s only going to go up from there.

So I’ve already sweat through my clothes, gone through a liter of water, and am looking at my re-org project and groaning. It’ll get done. After I dry off. If I crank the fan up another notch, that may only take an hour or so.

Every time I see this cover, I am struck by the metaphor for what happens whenever I open my front door in the summer:

Yeah, the gun works about as well on humidity, too.