Yep, I Got Nothing

And now for some clippings from a fuzzy mind desperately trying to come up with a blog post, because he swore to himself that he would:

I find myself this morning not In The Groove, but In The Middle Of The Road. I suppose I could have gotten more sleep, but I got a fair amount. Turned off the alarm clock at one minute to buzzing, had my coffee, had my breakfast. Showered, went to work. Looks like finals are over,a nd the college is now between summer sessions, as I got a peach of parking place.

Everything’s good, but not great.  Pretty much pain-free, except for the usual aches and pains of age overtaking an injured body. “Love Plus One” by Haircut 100 on Slacker kind of points this up. Nice, but not exceptional.

Yeah, you knew this day was coming. So did I. Nothing to talk about, nothing to really complain about.

Well, I did finally break down get a Tumblr site. Yeah, yippee, sez you. It’s kinda fun, and I appreciate the fact that the Tumblr dashboard has a timeline of the Tumblr blogs I follow. One of them, Comic Book Cheesecake, is celebrating their birthday by posting all their favorite comic girl art and cosplay photos, so I am either going to have a heart attack or get fired for the borderline NSFW pics. That’s about as exciting as this day will likely get.

And there is a very large part of me that considers this a good thing.

X is playing on Slacker now. That’s another good thing. But it’s followed by Yello’s Oh Yeah, which is a pity. I love Yello, and that “Oh Yeah” is the only song to ever get airplay is, to me, a great tragedy. Is it Ferris Bueller I blame for this? I believe so. And it segues into Nena’s “99 Red Balloons”, which goes to show you that no matter how bad it gets, the 80s will always find a way to  make it worse.

I should tell you now: I’ve got a two-day shoot coming up next week, and I will very likely go silent over those days. Lucky, lucky you. Julian Cope, kindly sing us out with “World Shut Your Mouth”…

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