Prep Time!

I’ll be spending most of today trying to wrap things up and pack things up for this weekend’s journey. I’ll be flying up to Chicago tomorrow morning that I may enjoy 24 straight hours of marginal fare at Northwestern University’s annual B-Fest.

It’s a time of conflict for me. On the one hand, there’ll be people I only get to see once a year (if that); visiting with them is my favorite part of the trip. The dark side is the increasing popularity of B-Fest; last year’s sold out a half-hour after the doors opened, and this year the event sold out the day advance tickets went on sale. I have a nervous condition, apparently inherited from my grandmother, which renders me very claustrophobic in crowds. It will be time to, as we tell my son so often, “Cowboy up.”

See you next week, if I survive.

UCC in the News Again

At their own Website, the United Church of Christ has posted SpongeBob welcomed by UCC, and the accompanying photo alone is worth the trip.

For those of you who value sanity in your news, you were probably unaware that SpongeBob Squarepants is gay. This is news to many people, not least of which are the people who make the cartoons. Were I one of them head-shrinker-type people, I’d say someone was projecting.

The UCC, of course, is the church whose “Jesus didn’t run people away – neither do we” commercial was deemed “too controversial” for the major networks – they’ve cropped up in this corner of Blogistan before, and before that.