Why I Don’t Clean. Well, Very Often, Anyway

In the interest of that tired old chestnut, Starting The New Year Off Right, I took a gift card and a coupon and returned home with a spiffy new media shelf unit which claims to hold “360 DVDs”. It also claimed “No Tools Required”, but the first thing I saw on the instruction sheet was “Tools Required…” (No sweat. I’m male. Handy as a condemned thief under Hamurabbi’s Code, but I own many tools)

My office had suffered from Stack Syndrome for quite some time, in that incoming media was placed in boxes which then formed stacks. So I stuffed more boxes to make room to build the shelf, then emptied the boxes to place the DVDs on the shelf, while also winnowing out the massive VHS collection, ridding myself of redundant offerings and finally getting a handle on how many I still needed to transfer to DVD-R…

And now I am in the usual place I am after such a cleaning binge: whereas before, could at least point to a box where I knew something was, I now know where nothing is located, including several things I know I held in my hand during the process. Lucky my computer stayed in the same place.

Waaaah. And back to work! (whip crack)