Bigfoot vs. Hitler’s Head

It’s probably sad how much time I spend reading leftist blogs these days; but a refreshing change of pace in my rounds of Blogistan is Teleport City’s Enchantment Under the Sea, the blog of Teleport City‘s Keith Allison, which he recently overhauled to tell tales of “strange events in my childhood”. These are highly entertaining stories of a simpler time – the 1970s. And I never thought I would be referring to the 70s as “a simpler time”. Get in on the beginning with “Hitler’s Head” and continue through the two-part, nearly-epic “In Search of Bigfoot”. This is good stuff.

I should also mention, while I’m in the neighborhood, that I managed to cadge enough time from putting out fires and making sure educational software doesn’t suck too badly to update Attack of the 50 Foot DVD with a review of Paramount’s disc of the 1985 Joe Dante flick Explorers. Not that this was an astounding achievement – it wasn’t like they gave me a whole lot to talk about.

Hopefully there will be no more fires for a while so I can actually write the article I’ve been meaning to for The Bad Movie Report since, oh, early December