More New Stuff

I was so busy caressing the shiny new box of Forever Evil that I forgot to mention that I actually finished the review for the Bad Movie Report that had to be put aside for most of the month. Ghostwatch is now on the air, so to speak.

As a not-so-closet Anglophile, I dearly love British takes on the various genres – familiar enough to be comfortable, but just culturally different enough to be strange and exotic. This is the 1992 television production that caused a War of the Worlds-type panic, and is a fun view both as entertainment and technical achievement.

It’s a shame it will never see an American release, especially since the BBC appears to have disowned it, so I don’t think it will ever show up on the BBCAmerica cable channel.

Brave Archer 3 on the player tonight. The protagonist still hasn’t touched a single item of archery, in any form.