Look, Ma! I’m a Moviemaker!

I don’t know if this is good or bad news – as mentioned by BeckoningChasm in yesterday’s post, my crappy little horror movie, Forever Evil, has finally appeared on DVD. This was first promised something like four or five years ago, in an ad in Videoscope magazine. Now it has come to pass, in a two-disc version no less, featuring a 5.1 Dolby remix and a “Restored Director’s Cut” that also has a commentary track by yours truly, and the movie’s director, Roger Evans.

No, before you ask, the commentary track is not nearly two hours of Roger and me saying, “I’m sorry,” over and over again.

Amazon dropped the ball, as far as getting a copy to me (yes, I had to buy my own copy). Props to Digital Eyes, a nice little company that has never failed me, for getting a copy to me in only a couple of days. It’s ridiculous how giddy I was, pulling that box from the mailbin. I’ve calmed down somewhat since then, but it was an undeniable rush.

Listened to a bit of the commentary, to make sure I didn’t sound like a total dork (the jury’s still out). Fun fact: all those pictures in the Photo Gallery? I took ’em. Ditto for the photos on the back.

A startling discovery: the Director’s Cut has the original score by Houston artist Maryann Pendino, which I had thought lost to the ages.

Of course, all this really means, besides the realization of a couple of my self-aggrandizing fantasies, is that it’s going to be open critical season on me all over again. If I ever need to come down to earth, all I need do is look at the user review sections of Amazon and the Internet Movie Database: those will knock you off a cloud very damn fast.

Incidentally, when I am famous, I’m going to take out a full-page ad in every major newspaper in America detailing the difference between “Premiere” and “Premier”. That’s just dumb.

It’s Heeeeeere….

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