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I was so busy caressing the shiny new box of Forever Evil that I forgot to mention that I actually finished the review for the Bad Movie Report that had to be put aside for most of the month. Ghostwatch is now on the air, so to speak.

As a not-so-closet Anglophile, I dearly love British takes on the various genres – familiar enough to be comfortable, but just culturally different enough to be strange and exotic. This is the 1992 television production that caused a War of the Worlds-type panic, and is a fun view both as entertainment and technical achievement.

It’s a shame it will never see an American release, especially since the BBC appears to have disowned it, so I don’t think it will ever show up on the BBCAmerica cable channel.

Brave Archer 3 on the player tonight. The protagonist still hasn’t touched a single item of archery, in any form.


  1. Ooo, ooo, I just love picking nits–it was actually only Five million years to Earth. You’re probably thinking of Twenty million MILES to Earth.

    Also, no Forever Evil at Best Buy. No, I wasn’t expecting it, but it would have raised them a notch or two.

  2. You’re right – I ALWAYS make that mistake. One more reason I’m glad the last DVD release went back to the original title. You’re also the first to point it out.

    As for Best Buy, they’ve been going right downhill, haven’t they? I used to be able to rely on them for Something Weird Video’s releases, but that’s no longer the case. Prepping for this release, I looked through BB’s shelves and found only one VCI disc – their last major release, Bunuel’s Robinson Crusoe. The test for me will be seeing if Border’s Books carries it. And checking out the New Release shelves at BlockWood, of course.

  3. I think I’ve figured out Best Buy–you can work there if you know the alphabet, but if you know the order the letters go in, you’re fired. Either that, or every evening when the store closes, the employees throw all the DVDs in a pile, then toss them willy-nilly back onto the shelves.

    Though it was kind of cool (right there in the horror section) to see a whole row of Criterion disks, like some alien landing site.

    BTW, I don’t know if it’s true for all the reviews, but the links at the bottom of the page all 404 me. They go to stomptokyo, rather than stomptokyo/badmoviereport.

  4. That’s what I get for using an HTML editor that thinks it’s smarter than me.

    There are a couple of other reviews that might have that error in there, I’ll try to track them down. The extra page that branches off that review, though (the asterisk on the very last paragraph), has links that work just fine. I’ve got to figure out what I’m doing to alter links on that navigator bar just every now and then, instead of constantly. Thanks for the heads-up.

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