Look! New Stuff!

Ah, crunch time. You gotta love it. Or you’ll be tempted to blow your brains out.

I handed in what are theoretically the final versions of the scripts for Project One last night, and in celebration wrote a review of M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village for 50 Foot DVD. Then I did something I haven’t done for quite some time: watched a movie without the intention of reviewing it. The movie was Chang Cheh’s The Brave Archer, so I didn’t got totally mainstream on you.

It was enjoyable, in that comic book “world of martial arts” kind of way. I’m surprised that more comic book geeks don’t embrace these old school kung fu flicks, as they resemble nothing less than groups of superheroes in constant conflict. Brave Archer even has the obligatory “super heroes meet each other for first time and mistakenly fight” bit.

There are three Brave Archer movies, and given that only one plot thread is resolved by the end of Part One, apparently it was always intended to be that way (especially since our title character has yet to even put a hand to a bow or arrow). I’ll hopefully spend the rest of the day (with the exception of Lost tonight) working on a long-delayed review for my other website, which was rather brutally back-burnered to accomodate last-minute changes and brainstorms on Project One. I’m soon going have to take up the trouble-shooter hat for the way-behind-schedule Project Two, but for right now, I get to spend some time with a semi-obscure British TV show and Alexander Fu Sheng.

Ah, it’s like a vacation, except I still have to answer phone calls.


  1. Excellent review of The Village, which I know isn’t the point of this entry, but then…um. I forget.

    I had the same reaction as you to the film, just enjoying it greatly without trying to stay a step ahead. I always wondered why most of the critics did a pile-on of bad reviews; I think they just thought Shyalaman was getting too many good notices and “it’s time.”

  2. I thought that already happened with Signs. Which, I’m sad to say, sort of deserved it.

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