And What IS the News from Twin Peaks?

Just to prove what a desperately geeky life I lead, this story at Twin Peaks – It sounds like we’re finally making progress! – makes me happy. Of course, I’ll still stop watching after the episode where they wrap up the “Bob” storyline, and pretend the series had the good grace to end there.

Of course, though this alleged DVD box set won’t allegedly ship until late 2005 (when the rights revert from Artisan to Paramount), I’ll still have my laserdisc box sets to keep me warm.

Of course, I still have that shrinkwrapped VHS box set that has the whole series at SLP speed.

Of course I still have the videos that I taped off Bravo.

Of course, I still have my tapes of the original broadcast.

Of course.


  1. I still have all my tapes, too. And the first season DVD box set, and that weird Korean/Chinese DVD of the pilot. I never did buy the laserdisks; I had heard they were “too brown” or something. Oh, I did buy the pilot with that weird “European” ending. Only the lack of nudity indicated that those scenes weren’t from some porno flick.

    And yes, the shows after Bob tended to show the seams popping and the steam escaping, but sometimes they were effective. After hating the finale, I found it more interesting when I watched it again on tape.

    Of course, I felt the same way about the 2nd season premier, when the ancient waiter took five or six hours to say a couple of lines to Cooper. Watching it a second time is a definite improvement.

    I shoulda posted this on my own damn blog instead of filling up your comments! I shall forwith chastice myself. There, I’m done.

  2. Cripes, I forgot about that version of the pilot with the European ending. I have that on laserdisc, too. INCREDIBLY abrupt ending.

  3. Thank God. I’ve been waiting on pins and needles for a release of the second season of on disc since the day I purchased Artisan’s release of the first season set Wow…I can remember when it and the now OOP Planet of the Apes: Evolution “Limited Edition” set were the most expensive purchases I’d made up to that point in my then-infant DVD collection, and friends thinking I was insane for paying “so much”…around 55 bucks…for it. These same friends I now laugh at for dishing out nearly 100 bones a pop for the “Classic” Star Trek season sets (which I do think is highway robbery, priced as such simply because Paramount knows they can get that much out of rabid Trekkies…I mean, c’mon…I constantly point at things like the WB Smallville sets I buy, or Universal’s Munsters Season One set, which contains over 16 hours worth of material…for half the SRP). Plus, it helps I’m a long-time anti-Trek advocate who despises Trekkies with a passion. IMO, the only good thing to come outta Trek was Ellison’s contribution to the original series….but I’m ranting, so I’ll stop. What do I know? I’m a Battlestar Galactica junkie, so my taste may be in question, as well…

    Anyways, back to Peaks.

    I, too, have been relying for years on my recordings of the original network broadcasts and the WB VHS of the pilot, so any news of the series making it to the digital format is good news in my book.

    On an odd side note, I’m a huge Lynch fan, so it’s needless to say that I’ve been following up and purchasing any of his films that have made it to the DVD format, and I’ve noticed Lynch seems to have a heavy hand in the presentation of his films in the format..take for instance the discs of Mulholland Dr. or the Peaks prequel “Fire Walk With Me”….the lack of oodles of supplementary material (even to the point of the omission of chapter stops, something that’s kinda-sorta an industry standard) has always seemed to be decision that’s been made by Lynch himself (track down a copy of the Disney “The Straight Story” disc, if you can…if memory serves me, that thing even lacks an animated menu screen). Yet, I recently picked up the new MGM “Wild At Heart” disc, and it’s packed with stuff, as is the earlier “Blue Velvet: Special Edition”, also a MGM release.

    Is this a sign that Lynch has suddenly become a little less artistically pretensious, or does he just have a better working relationship with that particular manufacturer? A stupid question, I realize, but one that constantly bugs me….

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