Things Once Seen, Never Unseen

So, in my current status of At Liberty, it is my job to pick up The Boy from school at 3:00. This is the same school my wife runs, but by removing The Boy from those environs, it gives her a bit of peace as she stays after school and continues her quest to work herself to death.

Once we arrive at home, it is usually his turn to put in some time on City of Heroes, while I discover there is nothing on TV. Well, today’s random surfing proved me wrong, as I watched a Korean children’s show called, if the online guide is to be believed, Captain Poong Poong. The tile character seems to split his time between being a cartoon and a diminutive person in a suit. Poong Poong and his human sidekick were teaching Korean children how to play ice hockey while singing and dancing.

This is not particularly noteworthy. What is particular noteworthy is that Captain Poong Poong apparently can achieve anything by the awesome power of his magical farts. Yes. Computer generated and enhanced farts.

I can only weep that YouTube has failed me here. If there was anything that site was meant for, it was giving me the means to regale you with a demented cartoon character and its glittering flatulence.

It does, however, via other clips, suggest that “poong” may translate as “wind”, which makes sense under the circumstances. It also, due to the Other Related Searches, remind me of how much I miss Bob Keeshan and Captain Kangaroo.

This came up, of course, from the proximity of “Captain” and something the search engine could interpret as “ping pong”.

There’s been a grass roots movement to put out some Captain DVDs, but they’ve met with no cheer. Captain Kangaroo, as I recall, used a lot of different media on his show, and I imagine just getting the rights for all the childrens’ books he read would be a nightmare.

But my last question is, if I can own a DVD set with the entirety of UPA’s less-than-glorious Dick Tracy cartoon from my childhood, where is this being hidden:

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