How Sharper Than A Serpent’s Tooth

Okay, that’s who I forgot, in my listing of the genre-related recently dead: Ray Dennis Steckler. Sorry, sir.


My son, apparently tired of his former diet of non-stop Cartoon Network series and painfully unfunny Disney Network tween sitcoms, has taken to raiding my DVD collection for entertainment, since I finally alphabetized the damn things.

First of all, forget black and white. I ran into this a lot at B-Fest. Apparently the modern young mind cannot operate in grayscale. There’s a hook to a cautionary sci-fi tale in there somewhere…

After the obvious stuff, like my animation discs, and all five seasons of Babylon 5 (I did warn him about Season 5, but you know kids: all 6 feet tall and bulletproof), it’s a little harder for him to find stuff that I’ll let him watch at his age level. He’s ten, but functioning at a teen level on most things except the hormones. (Yeah, I’m looking forward to that, he said in a monotone.)

I have an entire shelf devoted to Sherlock Holmes books and movies, so he decided it was time to watch one of those. We sat and watched the first of the Granada Series starring Jeremy Brett, “A Scandal in Bohemia”. At the end of the episode, his only response was a sigh and “That was long,” At an hour. Guess we won’t be watching more of those.

Then, today, he decided he had to watch the Halle Berry Catwoman. response after viewing: “Is there a sequel?”

How have I not disinherited this changeling yet?