I await the premiere of the Watchmen movie with trepidation. First, I didn’t care for 300, and I loved Frank Miller’s original almost as much as I love the Moore/Gibbons Watchmen. Then again, I found much to like in Zack Snyder’s version of Dawn of the Dead

Then, it seems (if the innernets can be believed) Snyder fought to keep the parallel comic story of The Black Freighter in the movie – though God knows how. It has apparently been cut, and will surface in the inevitable deluxe DVD version, released six months after the initial bare-bones release. Not that I’m a bitter consumer, or anything.

Then, it is apparently common knowledge that the ending of the story has been changed. On the one hand, I can hope to be surprised by this new ending. On the other hand, how can a new ending hope to match the punch-in-the-gut impact of the original? On the mutant other, third hand, I will be glad that I will not be subjected to endless misspelled tirades on those same innernets that Watchmen totally ripped off the first season of Heroes, dude. Bad enough we’re going to be getting enough of what the webcomic The Rack so insightfully predicts.

The viral video campaign has begun, and though it’s about as tepid as the fake news segments for The Dark Knight, it still shows promise:

As usual, I reserve judgment until I see it with my own myopic peepers. But hell, I’m the guy who had nice things to say about Robocop II.