The Long and Dark of It

Well, that was a long, dark week. A week of ignoring practically everything else in order to be at the disposal of contractors (themselves all overworked and behind schedule) so I could get repair estimates to submit to my insurance company. That includes my search for a job, to which I could only devote a minimum of time.

Well, I now have all the estimates I need, I have an interview this Friday (pray for me to your heathen gods, if you would), and I borrowed the money to get the destroyed tree out of my backyard and off my neighbor’s house.

I need to get a picture of the pile of organic debris currently in my front yard – it’s pretty impressive. The best news associated with this is that, once the damaged parts were removed, the rest of the tree was pretty healthy. I was worried that I was going to totally lose the tree, and dammit, I love trees.

Speaking of tree hugging – and that is my clumsy segue for the day – I am entering radio silence for the next month. By which I mean I won’t be listening to the radio or watching TV until after the election. I made my decision quite some time ago, and it sure as hell is not about to be swayed by the sewer water spray that has become The Campaign.

On the other hand, via my ol’ homie, Roy Bragg (who was known as “B-Pad” back in our dayz on da street), and his blog At Large, comes this sublime piece of Comedy Central:

(Present me must weigh in here and admit, with eyes averted, that Viacom took the clip off YouTube, or something equally shabby. Too bad. It was funny. Even if I don’t remember exactly what it was)

Peace out, D.

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Bah, etc.

The last time a hurricane came through, I rented. Now that I’m a homeowner, a whole new universe of tedium and anger has opened up for me. Though we were told an insurance adjuster would be in contact with us within 24 hours, it was actually more like a week. A week later, I attempted to get an estimate from him to see how it matches up with the figures I’m getting from contractors, and was told that it would not be ready for another week. I still have a tree down in my back yard, resting on my neighbor’s roof, and have resorted to trying to raise the money on my own to get it removed – not an easy thing when you’re unemployed.

As a somewhat un-hurricane related aside: I really hate that I only seem to write here when I have something to complain about – but when things are going alright in my life, good God, am I boring.

I also feel compelled to mention that yes, I am lucky. My house still stands. I got power back relatively early. My discomfiture stems from the fact that the pressure that I am experiencing is not being felt by the people in charge of alleviating that pressure.

I recognize they are busy. I am not the only one with problems in this area. That still does not help – it only makes me feel more petty.

Yet another contractor arrives within the hour. I will attempt to restrain my enthusiasm.