Last night, The Boy chose Jason and the Argonauts. Maybe I’ll keep him.

Also, I will not be letting him see this trailer.


  1. For some reason my four sons are all able to watch black-and-white stuff. Maybe it’s because they basically never watched ANY TV growing up. They just played video games and watched DVDs. Gloat – last month I showed my youngest son (age 16) Les Yeux Sans Visage and he thought it was terrific. Or maybe it’s just the emo fanboy in him acting up.

  2. Why the hell is there a clip from _MK:Annihilation_ of Shao Khan tossing a fireball in there??The make-up’s good, and for the most part they look like the characters (although why they picked that gal from Farscape for Cheetara, when she’s not that attractive, is beyond me), but I get a bad vibe from this. And not just ’cause I’m bitter because I thought they’d dubbed the people with the voice actors from the cartoon before hearing them actually speak.

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