Up for Air, as it were

Discipline? I was kidding, right?

The return to a 9-5 (rather, 8-6 and beyond) routine has had some interesting results. First, I’m amazed at how much sleep I seem to need. Second, I was stunned when I added up my hours and discovered I was not working a 40 hour week, or more, which I had suspected. No, I have to admit that the combo of most Wednesdays off and a long lunch on Friday (the doc is the secretary of the local Rotary Club), conspired to give me a less than full paycheck.

But a paycheck, nonetheless. The creditors are a bit happier now. I still have electricity and the Internet, so I’m happier, too.

I’m a bit gobsmacked when I think of the folk who talk about surfing the Web at work – there is always something to do at the office, from the managing of appointments to the arguing with insurance companies (and how rich was my life before I became embroiled in that land of conflict) – I think I’ve had the time to be bored once in my tenure thus far.

The dynamic has changed a bit in the home life. Before, I cooked most of the meals, but now, coming home after 6pm, that’s rarely my job anymore.

And to be perfectly honest, my evenings have been taken up by one thing: beta testing the upcoming game City of Villains. Somebody must have me in mind when they were planning out this game, as I finally get to play a mad scientist with laser-armed robot minions. I’ll try to post a picture later.

There was supposed to be a massive beta event tonight, but being beta, it has been a long, drawn-out, buggy process. So here I am, weighing in. I am alive, well, and cursing the name of various HMOs, when I am not cobbling together robot pals. Who, you should know, are named Huey, Dewey, Louie, Tom Servo, and Croooooooooow.


  1. Are the robots holding signs up? I only got to play the beta for about two hours, and didn’t get multiple deathbots. Let alone deathbots holding signs up.Also, it’s official: At least in CoV, killer robots are better than zombies.

  2. They are, indeed, holding signs. They’re largely illegible, but say things like “No More!” and “Stop (untranslatable)”. The protest emote is one of the cool new things about CoV; I’m employing the laptop emote in the pic, as well.I really liked my deathbots, and will definitely resurrect the character when CoV goes live. But whatever you do, don’t tell Papa Revanche, my zombie-raisin’ mastermind, this stuff about zombies and robots. That grief I don’t need.

  3. The Mad looks quite a bit like Lennin, is the red sign the bot holding actually read “for the mother board, no more the oppressed serf of opiate Microsoft!” yes it is quite late, I should go lie down.

  4. I tried ninjas, mercs, robots and zombies during the beta test. I can honestly say that I enjoy having killer robots obeying my every command more than the other three put together.No offense to Papa Revanche, honestly. In fact, he can have the corpses of the first hundred robot casualties from Doctor Neptune. He can still use ’em with laser burns through the entire torso, right?

  5. The doc does indeed look like Lenin. Since the game went live, I’ve recreated him in a totally black-and-white color scheme – even his skin is gray to give off that just-stepped-out-of-a-50s-sci-fi-movie vibe. So he’s likely a Commie, as well.I tried doing Dr. Forrester, but I could never get the lab coat the proper shade of green.

  6. THIS JUST IN:I love the super-deathbot you get at level 26 so much that I named it The Fist of Telstar.

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