Up for Air, as it were

Discipline? I was kidding, right?

The return to a 9-5 (rather, 8-6 and beyond) routine has had some interesting results. First, I’m amazed at how much sleep I seem to need. Second, I was stunned when I added up my hours and discovered I was not working a 40 hour week, or more, which I had suspected. No, I have to admit that the combo of most Wednesdays off and a long lunch on Friday (the doc is the secretary of the local Rotary Club), conspired to give me a less than full paycheck.

But a paycheck, nonetheless. The creditors are a bit happier now. I still have electricity and the Internet, so I’m happier, too.

I’m a bit gobsmacked when I think of the folk who talk about surfing the Web at work – there is always something to do at the office, from the managing of appointments to the arguing with insurance companies (and how rich was my life before I became embroiled in that land of conflict) – I think I’ve had the time to be bored once in my tenure thus far.

The dynamic has changed a bit in the home life. Before, I cooked most of the meals, but now, coming home after 6pm, that’s rarely my job anymore.

And to be perfectly honest, my evenings have been taken up by one thing: beta testing the upcoming game City of Villains. Somebody must have me in mind when they were planning out this game, as I finally get to play a mad scientist with laser-armed robot minions. I’ll try to post a picture later.

There was supposed to be a massive beta event tonight, but being beta, it has been a long, drawn-out, buggy process. So here I am, weighing in. I am alive, well, and cursing the name of various HMOs, when I am not cobbling together robot pals. Who, you should know, are named Huey, Dewey, Louie, Tom Servo, and Croooooooooow.