After posting, I did check out the second episode of Surface. Still don’t like it. My main point of contention is I can’t stand the characters. Being stuck in a room with any of the majors would result in my chewing through the walls just to get away.

The monsters are cool. And the last two episodes have had the best endings I’ve seen in some time (they at least got that part of the Lost equation right).

I can’t believe they had the cojones to rip off Ray Bradbury’s “The Lighthouse”, either. (Did I even get the name of that story right? SO tired….)


  1. I think it was called “The Foghorn” but close enough, eh?

  2. I think it was the Foghorn, too. Excellent story.

  3. “Excellent story” and “Ray Bradbury” pretty much meant the same thing for a long, long time.

  4. I thought it was a wink, not a rip-off. Mileage varies.

  5. Open the blog bay doors, Freex.

  6. Freex, open the blog bay doors, please.

  7. Ken – You are a far more charitable man than I, especially since the last time I tuned in they were copying <>Close Encounters<> note for note…Beck – <>GET OUT OF MY HEAD!<>

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