Missing Time

So exactly where did today go?

Let’s see. Walked the dog. Nothing unusual there. Read news during first cup of coffee. Ditto. Performed routine maintenance on wife’s car “because it’s your day off”…


Not to mention fixing her computer. By which I mean rebooting it and then checking the WLAN monitor, which is all I can do on the scant instruction, “It’s not letting me do anything!”

Replied in an angry fashion to an e-mail from the dinner theater asking me to step in again. Reply was curt: “I quit over a year ago.” Whining is sure to follow, my acquiescence shortly thereafter. Already working a half-day this Saturday. Didn’t need the other half stolen from me in an unseemly fashion.

Took a nap. See previous post about the astounding amount of sleep I need these days.

Cooked dinner. Put together a Gundam model for my son, my arthritic fingers protesting over the manipulation of teensy parts. Evening now.

What didn’t I get done that I wanted to today?

Clean up home office. Can’t find my photo paper, and I need to print some photographs. Can’t find much of anything, really, unless it is in the Ring of Work and Play around my desk.

Write. I am way overdue in updating Attack of the 50 Foot DVD, and this weighs heavily on me. Especially having gotten through the entirety of The Bela Lugosi Collection.

At least I finally watered the front yard. That was becoming a bit of a fire hazard. And, considering all of Houston was up beyond 1AM last night watching the World Series, I didn’t have to drive to work through a pack of narcoleptics nodding off at the wheel.

More bulletins as they occur. I will find you, photo paper.