After posting, I did check out the second episode of Surface. Still don’t like it. My main point of contention is I can’t stand the characters. Being stuck in a room with any of the majors would result in my chewing through the walls just to get away.

The monsters are cool. And the last two episodes have had the best endings I’ve seen in some time (they at least got that part of the Lost equation right).

I can’t believe they had the cojones to rip off Ray Bradbury’s “The Lighthouse”, either. (Did I even get the name of that story right? SO tired….)


For some reason, the only thing in my head for the past twenty minutes is StrongBad wheeling by on a unicycle, saying, “Hey! Way to work an eleven hour day!”

I believe I’ve mentioned before that my head can a very interesting place to live.

The office is fairly low-key but grinding (yeah, that’s sort of a dental joke). In at 8 this morning, out at 6:45. An actual day off Wednesday, and seemingly no obligations this weekend. Yet.

I’m hoping that this will give my flabby discipline the wake-up call it needs, now that the yammering bills clustered under my monitor are temporarily cowed. I have several need-to-dos hanging fire, and whereas before I could only say my time was at a premium, it is now the stone truth.

Besides the writing, I have a sound design due toward the end of November, which should provide little intrigue. The real problem gets to be the shows I’ve DVRed and now am uncertain when I’m ever going to watch them – last week’s Surface (just to make sure I really hate it), Threshold (missed because I got another “Help me Obi-Wan, you’re my only hope” call) and the new Night Stalker, for which I do not exactly have high hopes.

And all those damned movies stacked up behind me. Crap. Living by a schedule again – boy, I wish this would somehow make me feel young again, since it really reminds me of the days when I was working video production during the day and doing theater at night.

I’m still amazed that some people have the time to be bored.

I need to shut up now, because I’m rambling. Hi, StrongBad!