Aftermath: Pretty Tedious, actually.

Slept the sleep of an older man who’d been doing some physical labor last night. The International Festival wasn’t as tiring as last year’s version – for one thing, I graduated from grip to cameraman, so I was, at least sitting down once the damn thing started. However, as we were a man short – which seems to be a tradition – breaks were few and far between. In fact, there was exactly one. I locked down my camera on a wide shot, then ran outside to wolf down a turkey sandwich, use the john, and then rotated through the other camera positions so they could do the same.

Tear-down always goes quicker than set-up. What took us three hours to accomplish in the morning was put away in a little more than an hour. After unloading at the station, we were released, and I went home, amazed that I was not more tired. Until I fell asleep in my reading chair. Then I stopped being amazed.

I was in this morning at my regular time, and the only ill effect – didn’t need my cane today, though I am moving slower than usual – is that my pre-lunch crash started early, and it is lethal. Caffeine is doing nothing to alleviate this, and I am in serious danger of waking up at my desk with Keyboard Face.

Sorry, dozed off for a second there. What was I talking about?

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