A Pause for Crap: The Early Days

Finished my Faculty Art Show story, if just barely. Slept till my alarm clock this morning. Something disastrously horrible must be waiting in the wings.

One of the VHS tapes I did not toss out int he VHS purge was my Super President bootleg, duh. I was also delighted to find my legit Here Comes the Grump tape, a show that was meant for the kids, sure, but the kinda warped little kids, with some designs inspired by Yellow Submarine, I’m sure. It has a goofy psychedelic-lite vibe going for it. There are also entire episodes on YouTube, but the commies have requested that embedding be disabled. Jerks.

So you just have to be happy with watching the extraordinary opening for Super President one more time.

WordPress found a way around the non-embed? Have some brain-wrecking cartoons:

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