Archeology Solitaire

So. I’ve taken a couple of trash bag’s worth of stuff out of my crowded office and placed them by the curb. They’ve been taken to tsotchke Valhalla or wherever the garbage truck takes such things. So far, no real tragedies or instances of “Oh crap I really need that now!” Then again, my experience is that such things take a week or so to occur, when the disposal of the material is really, truly permanent.

Eventually I hope to carry this crusade into the office closet, which contains stuff so old, it will seem as if it is from another civilization, I am sure. Then I can move my video workstation – which has lain  pretty much fallow the last few year – up against the closet itself, enforcing a Cask of Amontillado-style fate for the stuff that remains in said closet, but will open up a good deal of room around my desk, and even grant access to a bookshelf that is currently closed off. And I need that bookshelf.

The triage of stuff that goes into the trash bag isn’t as brutal as it should be, but more draconian that I usually manage in such instances. There’s a lot more “Why the hell did I ever think I’d need this?” and less tolerance for obsolete technology. But dammit, I am still keeping that folding keyboard for the Handspring Visor because I think it looks cool. The extension cord for Playstation I controllers? Not so much. I also seem to have less tolerance for my own sentimentality these days.

Another trash day tomorrow, another purge tonight, dusting as I go. Yum, dust.

Man, the crap I get up to when I don’t have a computer.

Up 'n at 'em, my minions of horror!

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