Extra Days on the Road: Oh Boy!

Yeah, I said I’d talk about T-Fest today. Sorry, that was incorrect. I am chewed up, spit out, and burned to a crackly crunch.

I think I drove more miles in the past four days than I have in the past year, combined.  To Dallas, Friday. Plano, if you wish to be technical (and who does not?).  Bit of driving round the area for breakfast, lunch, after-fest gelato (bacon gelato!) Saturday, then back to Houston Sunday. Then discover the mother of one of my wife’s closest childhood friends has died, and she’d like me to come with her to the viewing in Austin on Monday, the only day she can be be reasonably late getting back for her rehearsal.

(My wife, Lisa, is acting in a production of Shaw’s The Doctor’s Dilemma at Houston’s Main Street Theater)

Something tells me I should go.

Outside the small town of Giddings, a troublesome vibration in the front end has gotten worse, There is a sound that roughly spells out as WA-BAM, and more sounds from the undercarriage, which is whatever is left of the two front tires richocheting around.

Not mine, but pretty close.

I wish I could tell you about the brave effort it took to control the car and get it safely to the shoulder of the road, but the truth is I don’t remember a single thing about it. I did it, and that’s what’s important.  I am also thankful for cell phones and good coverage, because we were roughly in the middle of nowhere – as it was, it took the tow truck the better part of an hour to get to us. I would not have liked the alternative – walking however many miles in 100+ heat, dressed for a funeral.

So. Three hour there (plus time for accident and tire replacement), three hours back,

I don’t care if I never drive anywhere again. So, of course, I have to drive to the county seat for an interview this afternoon.

Hopefully I can get some rest this evening.

I nearly said that with a straight face.

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