Minor Triumphs and Pointless Bitching

Bit more mobile today. Only need the cane to get up and get moving. Things loosen up from there.

No show this weekend – grumble grumble – I kinda need that money for my trip to Dallas later this month.

Well, we’re still getting together to work some stuff. That will pay a little, though not as much as a full-fledged show.

Visiting my parents Sunday. It’s been way too long.

Saw Despicable Me yesterday. Very cute. Very sweet. I was actually impressed by some of the 3-D work.

Our Humble Narrator Prepares To Go To The Kitchen For A Nice Diet Coke

I have a brief shoot tomorrow morning. I’ll need that footage in the Fall, so the temptation to just sleep in must be fought.

It was less than two months ago I went to the Verizon store, having been give the impression that I was eligible for an upgrade to a Droid phone. I was told I wasn’t actually eligible until December. Last week we got a mailing that I was, once again, eligible. BAH.

SO. Have a good weekend. In the meantime: BAH.