A Burst of Activity

Busy week. I wish weeks would run, oh, Monday – Saturday or something. Of course, the week starting on Monday, or even Sunday, is just a convenient organization construct foisted on us by any number of forces that need that sort of order for reasons both nefarious and beneficent. When you work in entertainment, that sort of thing goes out the window, and probably bounces a couple of times.

Last week, the week my wife was out of town at an education conference, was fairly placid – there were plenty of errands to be run, but I managed to spread them out over the week. The real work week began Saturday, with The Show, then Sunday with the impromptu class reunion, then Monday a private show for Dow Chemical. In one of those odd puzzles that defy logic, the show Saturday was thirty-some-odd people jammed in a small room, last night was half that in a larger room. Both enjoyed the show immensely, so no harm, no foul.

Today: Staff meeting, low impact.  Tomorrow: I run camera for a friend, you folks will likely not hear from me.  It’s some sort of Amazing Race-type thing, so I may die unceremoniously in the taping. Thursday: Team building! By which I mean we go to lunch and then a movie together. It’s a hard damn life, I tell you.

Well, mixed up in there I’m also generating story leads for the Fall and trying not to perish in the stinking heat. That makes for a full day.

(Image once again from Savage Chickens. They funny. Go read.)