Bummers and Good Things

First up: I’m leaving town tomorrow, so you’re not going to hear from me again in these pixels until Monday, Why? I’m headed to Dallas with The Boy to attend T-Fest, an informal gathering of fans of crap cinema. I helped start this oh so many years ago, and it’s grown. It has its own Facebook page, even. I’ll be live-Tweeting it, as I am able, so anybody who follows me has that to look forward to, oh boy.

I enjoy spending time with my herd. It’s a rare group that equally enjoy Charles Laughton upstaging his co-stars, then The Zombies of Sugar Hill, then wash it down with some Nightmare City. Well, nobody enjoyed Theodore Rex, but then, I think that is an utter impossibility, right up there with folding a piece of paper seven times. Mythbusters can manage it, but not many more.

Go on. Watch it. I dare you.

So I was wondering what would turn up at the last moment to ruin things. You know, as usual. First candidate is my bum knee, which has grown much worse since that Amazing Race-style shoot a couple of weeks ago. Apparently you don’t heal as fast in the second half of your life as you do in the first. GO FIGURE. Second candidate is my hillbilly teeth. Gum disease and brittle teeth gallop down my mom’s side of the family, whom I most take after. Mom had a full set of dentures by the time she was 30. I’ve beat that by nearly a quarter of a century, but probably can’t for much longer. I brush, I floss, I use Listerene, all of which has helped delay the inevitable; but last night another tooth just simply broke off, snap. It was apparenly already dead, I feel no pain, but dammit, I also feel uglier than ever. I’m never going to act again, except as maybe a meth addict.

My Precioussssss

I guess, if you need an upbeat thing to offset the misery, my second job sprang for my new phone, and I finally have that Droid. (Brief pause for the iPhone users to proselytize) I was surprised at the learning curve involved in switching to a touchscreen phone, and am thankful that the Droid 2 still has the physical slider keyboard. The onscreen keyboard and my fat fingers do not play together well. I am totally digging the customization level. I even used it as a GPS navigation unit last night – to a location I already knew, thank you – and the Droid even used the shortcut I always employ. That was impressive, even if the setup has a few more steps than necessary. A dedicated GPS unit would have been much easier, but what do you want for an included extra? And a nifty one, at that?

So I’ll see you on the Twitter, or here next Monday. Have a good weekend. I’m sure as hell going to try.