Let Him Do It Instead

Like anybody needs help getting depressed in the morning. Mike Sterling, whose blog I’ve been reading for years, has embarked on a new enterprise, Estate 4.1, “Celebrating Web 2.0 and the part it plays in allowing user comments to improve the online news experience.” In other words, Mike goes where angels fear to tread – the comments sections of the Yahoo news sites – and posts the cream of the stupidity he finds there.  With links to same.

If nothing else, he quashes any temptation I ever have to abjure my usual firm stance on avoiding poisonous pools of idiocy, and actually sneak a peek in there. A temptation which inevitably leads to the ruination of any sense of bonhomme I may have managed to build that particular day.

So here’s to you, Mr. Sterling. You may be doing this for your own amusement, but you are providing a genuine service to mankind, by doing a disservice to the unkind.

(“Real People of Genius” music fades)

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