If you’ve been following the bizarre wars waged in the name of Intellectual Property (including, but not limited to, RIAA lawsuits against toddlers and corpses, the Movie industry assuming that you are buying tickets or DVDs simply to pirate their wares, and abusive DMCA take-down orders) this really comes as no surprise: McDonalds wants the word “McJob” taken from the English language, or at least our dictionaries.

I particularly love this quote: “Dictionaries are supposed to be paragons of accuracy. And it this case, they got it completely wrong,” Walt Riker, a Mickey D’s McSpokesman complained to the Associated Press. “It’s a complete disservice and incredibly demeaning to a terrific work force and a company that’s been a jobs and opportunity machine for 50 years.”

Any sarcastic remark I would make after that would just… plain… lack.

(And thanks to for bringing this McStupidity to my attention)

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  1. The funny thing is that “McJob” is still pretty much a slang term. Wait a few decades, maybe a century, and it’ll be gone on its own, replaced by something else more relevant.Probably when McDonald’s no longer is…

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