Neener Neener

…and HA! to haters, quitters and oh-so-cool “I’m taking it off my Tivo cycle” -ers.

Lost has gotten very interesting again in the last few weeks.

So there.


  1. Without a doubt, what was in the magic box was a pretty shocking twist. And it almost seemed to make some strange sense, though I can’t really figure out why…

  2. The whole “box” thing is kind of troublesome. Metaphor, almost certainly, but the things I thought of immediately were 1) quantum mechanics, i.e., the famous “Schroedinger’s Cat” box, and 2) a Skinner box.I thought the Skinner box was an irrational connection, until I realized that Sawyer had been confined in a Skinner box – but then, we can start identifying the entire island as a Skinner box, this whole conversation gets entirely too nerdish, and I lose my “I’m not trying to figure this out, I’m just here to enjoy the ride” stance.

  3. I loved this episode, but I did call his father being in the “box”. Not sure what it means or anything, but it was foreshadowed throughout the episode with a hailstorm of falling anvils.

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